Safety Protocols in Light of COVID-19 Concerns.

The higher priority for Just Massage Studio is the wellness of the clients, employees, and providers. The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a matter of real concern. It is our goal to make sure you and the massage therapists at Just Massage stay safe and healthy while getting the services during the coming days and weeks.

We are in constantly monitoring to CDC and government regulations specifically at this moment regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19). The therapists are being regularly reminded to follow universal health protocols, including frequent hand-washing, sterilization of surfaces, and generous use of hand sanitizer.

To date, we have had no case of illness in our establishment. 

We know that massage services are crucial for stress reduction and maintaining a strong immune system, so we ask that you pay attention to your own health. Please follow all CDC recommendations, including washing your hands with soap frequently (and for 20 seconds or longer each time), using hand sanitizer, and avoiding contact with others—including massage therapists—if you feel ill or are displaying fever or respiratory symptoms.

We are doing all possible to keep this virus away from our facility and to be able to keep doing our work and keeping our clients relaxed and destressed.

·  All sheets and towels are changed after each appointment

·  Head rest and door handles are disinfected thoroughly before and after each appointment.

·  Arm chair and reception desk are disinfected every ½ hour, and after our clients touch it.

·  Therapists wash their hands and arms after each massage.

·  Bathrooms are cleaned daily and as needed throughout the day.

Hand Sanitizer, disinfectant, Kleenex and wipes are available in the store if you feel the need to request it for your own cleaning procedures.

Please do not come in if you feel any signs of sickness. Most off all if you have a fever. We need to work together to keep everyone safe. Social distancing is being asked to keep a minimum change in transferring of the virus. Washing hands and not touching your face is also very effective. Reach out at any time should you have questions. As always, we thank you for your support of and trust in our company.


At this moment as requested by government agencies, JUST MASSAGE STUDIO will be closed until further notice. 

Massage is used to relax, minimize stress and help treating muscle conditions, but at the same time it is done in a closed room in close contact with other peoples bodies. 

So as required to keep social distancing, we will be closing our doors until is safe to open them again.

About Us

No Stress. Just Massage.

At Just Massage Studio, we believe that a healthy body reflects a healthy mind. Our highly trained and certified therapists apply a variety of touch therapy and energy healing techniques designed to melt away tension, allowing for clear thoughts and physiological recovery. We are passionate about the power of touch simply because, well…it works!

Just Massage Studio is where we make sure that you find what your body needs at a reasonable price! Whether you are looking for a traditional Thai massage, deep tissue, or a customized treatment. 

We believe in operating a clinic where you can come to receive treatment specific to your body’s condition without the distraction of a “luxury” spa atmosphere. Each session at Just Massage Studio is tailored to suit your individual needs. We do our best to provide you with relief, no matter what your age or physical condition. We have treated all walks of life from artists, athletes, dancers, doctors and attorneys to oncology patients, pre and postnatal woman and cancer survivors along with many who just spend too much time sitting at a computer!

Each therapist at Just Massage Studio is a certified professional who has undergone a rigorous licensing and screening process. The massage practitioners are highly skilled in the art of touch and well versed in the methods of energy healing, coming from backgrounds as varied as the massages we offer. 

We are passionate about our work because we believe intensely in the benefits of what we do.


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